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Ill Mind Of Hopsin 8: New Drop by Hopsin Attacking Ritter

ill mind of hopsin

After months of confusion and controversy following his split from Funk Volume, Hopsin debuted “Ill mind of Hopsin 8” to his fans in a jam-packed North Hollywood screening room.

On March 3rd, Hopsin announced that he’d be releasing this track on March 8, 2016.

“Ill mind of Hopsin 8” openly addresses Hopsin’s falling out with Damien Ritter—the co-owner and CEO of Funk Volume. It is the eigth installment of the Ill Mind Saga, a video series that the Carlifornia rapper has been releasing for a few years now.

The video is set in a courtroom with a cleaned-up Hopsin and a Damien Ritter impersonator. Hopsin spits some viscous lyrics attacking Ritter and explains what led to his departure.

Here are some of those fire-y lyrics:

Nigga what the fuck? (what the fuck?)
Homie I made you rich, paid your rent (damn right)
Biting the hand that was feeding you
This shit don’t make any sense
Nigga what the fuck? (what the fuck?)
You know this is that real shit
How you gon’ forget who built this, huh?
I’m the one who made the company all the millions
Now you got problems to deal with
Man, this is tough luck, see a couple weeks ago we was buds
And the crew that was killing shit was us
Till you turned on me homie, that’s fucked up
I ain’t keeping this shit on the hush, hush

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The self-written and self-produced “Ill mind of Hopsin 8” is an official declaration of independence and a huge statement for the rapper’s Undercover Prodigy label.

It is regarded by many as a diss track. For some, a dope one. For others, a less-than-perfect attempt. According to Hopsin, it’s just his usual way of getting things off his chest.

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