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Amazon Doesn’t Want to Become a Record Label

Amazon Not Interested in Becoming a Record Label

According to Amazon Music VP, Steve Boom, the company is not interested in becoming a record label. At TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017, the vice president of the music division said because of Amazon’s film/tv production division, people assume they’ll get into music creation as well.

According to Boom Amazon is more interested in riding the growing wave of streaming music – which is seeing over 100 million paying users worldwide. Boom said “The labels really play an important part in the world, and it’s not really in our interest to displace them.”

The company also sees opportunity in the home music market. Although the world has become much more mobile, the worlds of smart technology and voice recognition technology are again revolutionizing how people interact with and consume things in the new world.

Complete Music Update reports:

Amazon’s secret weapon in gaining market share is its Echo digital assistant device… He [Boom] said: “In the smartphone era, we think of music as moving out of the home and living room. With voice, it’s moving it back in”.

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