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Bob Marley Estate Wins $2.4 Million in Coffee Case

Bob Marley Estate Wins Trademark Case Against Marley Coffee

The estate of the late-great Bob Marley has just won a trademark dispute with a coffee company called Jammin Java Corp. The summary judgement in the case awarded the estate $2.4 Million in damages. The damages are for what is said Jammin Java earned by selling unlicensed Marley Coffee during the second half of 2016.

Jammin Java was a company that involved Marley’s son Rhohan and originally had a license from two companies controlled by the Marley family. The license allowed it to make and sell the coffee that used the musical icon’s name and trademark. But there was a falling out last year over royalty payments and the allegations that Jammin Java was sub-licensing the Marley brand to other companies.

The license expired, but Jammin Java continued to sell the product that carried the Marley name and trademark. In the case, the company did not dispute the trademark infringement, but instead said they weren’t making any profit from the product.

According to Complete Music Update,

…the judge hearing the case said this week that the defendant had failed to prove that claim [of no profits from Marley Coffee], partly because it had been developing a new competing brand during the latter half of last year, which possibly accounted for a chunk of its costs during that period.

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