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Drake Won’t Prosecute Woman Who Broke Into House

Drake Doesn't Want the Woman who Broke In Prosecuted

After a woman was found in Drake’s bedroom uninvited (when Drake wasn’t home), police wanted to charge her with Felony burglary. It seemed a bit harsh, considering all the woman did was drink some pop and wear one of Drake’s hoodies. But now Drake himself has asked authorities to drop the charges.

The women, Mesha Collins – aged 24, broke into the Canadian rapper’s Hidden Hills mansion in California. A member of Drake’s team was the one who discovered her in the house. She was held on $100,000 bail awaiting a hearing that took place yesterday.

AllHipHop reports:

According to TMZ.com, the singer’s lawyer has contacted the Los Angeles County District Attorney and stated that the rapper won’t cooperate with the prosecution against her.

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Reports state that the rapper thinks there may be mental health issues involved, and that since no one was hurt, it doesn’t warrant prosecution.

It’s unclear whether the DA will continue with the case.




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