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Ed Sheeran’s New Songs Score Global Spotify No. 1 and 2

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Ed Sheeran may have been minding his own business when he released two comeback singles on Friday (January 6). But Spotify users globally were not. They were eagerly awaiting the tracks- to the point of streaming them 23m times in their first two days(till the end of Saturday, Jan 7)!

That is pretty much, half a million plays per hour.

The two tracks, “Shape Of You” and “Castle On The Hill” are currently sitting at No. 1 and No. 2 on Spotify’s official global chart with 12.71m and 10.65m streams respectively.

Judging by Spotify’s previously stated (since deleted) average per -stream payout to music rightsholders of $0.007, that means the two songs have already generated somewhere in the region of $161,000 for Sheeran and industry team.

Shape Of You is showing signs of being the bigger hit of the two.

The track added 6.58m Spotify streams yesterday, up 458,797 on the previous day.

Castle On The Hill added 5.02m yesterday – down 608,002 on release day. Read more…

And that’s not all for camp Sheeran.

According to official Spotify stats, Ed Sheeran is the most-streamed artist for the past 24 hours with 16.19m daily plays.

The Weeknd comes in second with 9.85m and Drake is third with 8.76m.

Ed Sheeran’s success with the two songs is also attributed to the fact that Spotify is heavily promoting him- particularly with the ‘This is: Ed Sheeran’ playlist.

The playlist currently has over 324,000 followers.

When it comes to global monthly listeners, Sheeran stands at No. 25 on Spotify with 20.33m.  It’s still a long way from The Weeknd who stands in the top spot with 39.48m.

Either way, it’s been a great weekend for Ed Sheeran.

(Image source: Musicbusinessworldwide.com)


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