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LL Cool J Ready To Rip Mics Again With Dr. Dre And New Album, G.O.A.T 2

LL cool J

Due to endless duties on the small screen and the big screen, LL Cool J hasn’t had much time to jump back into the studio and spit the hard-hitting rhymes that began his legendary career in Hollywood.

But all that’s about to change. And his fans are swooning at the thought of him dropping his 14th studio album ‘pretty soon’.

Just a few days ago, the two-time Grammy winner and five-time Grammys host created a social media frenzy when he shared a video of him back in true emcee form at a recording studio with Dr. Dre.

The over five million views on facebook are a testament to the fact a new album from him will be well-worth the three-year wait and in the NCIS: Los Angeles star’s words – might just “massacre the rap game”.


“I got an itch so crazy right now, I need to find a hydrocortisone connect,” he continued, with his mind obviously still in punchline mode from the studio session. What I’m going to do is make something for [the fans].” “Like a special record that’s really going to be for Hip Hop. I get into experimental mode and I get in my creative scientist mode and I like to do different things. Every now and then, I like to do weird shit. I’m going to give them something special, you’ll see. And what it’s gonna do is, it’s going to change the game because a lot of people are getting away with 25-point games right now and they need someone to drop 50 on ’em. This shit is crazy to me!” Read more from hiphopdx.com…


Out of 13 albums in his 30-year career, 9 reached top 10 on the US Billboard 200 chart, and he finally clinched #1 in the year 2000 with his 8th record G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).

In an interview with OkayPlayer, the 48-year-old not-so-retired Queens rapper gave the dish on G.O.A.T. 2 and what we can expect.

He didn’t hesitate to mention his self-proclaimed status as the Greatest Of All Time emcee. “If I call myself the G.O.A.T., I’ve gotta be able to back it up, right? I know the rules.”

The album will feature a collab with Eminem and for inspiration, according to the interview, LL’s likely to mirror current artists such as Drake and newcomer Dej Loaf.

Stay tuned for updates right here.



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