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Ryan Leslie ‘s Superphone gets Backing From Ben Horowitz


We all know Ryan Leslie as a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. He has produced single for artists like Snoop Dogg, Cassie, Usher and others. A few years ago, he added badass entrepreneur to his trades by using his Harvard University smarts to code the first version of Superphone. And now, he has a cool 1.5m backing from A16z’s Ben Horowitz, Betaworks, and more investors.

Superphone is a SMS-based CRM and direct sales tool. Unlike social media networks and email, it digs right in when it comes to reaching fans. It sidesteps the guessing game by using the most important piece of contact information: the phone number.

Superphone now has about 2700 private beta clients including big names like Lil Wayne and Kevin Jonas as well as authors like Bonin Bough.

Celebrities and other clients can distribute a special phone number connected to their Superphone account. Any time a fan calls or texts it, or buys something on one of their online stores and fills out a form, they get a welcome message prompting them to provide some personal info. That could include location, biographical info, or any data type the client wants to segment their audience by.

Superphone creates a next-generation phone book that’s actually more of a customer relationship management tool. For now it’s a web tool but the Superphone team hopes to have native apps available in the next few weeks. The Superphone dashboard lets clients view charts and graphs of who is paying for what so they can hone in on their most important fans. Read more…


Leslie already has some 40,000 fans in his Superphonebook. Get this – when he booked a kickass New Year’s Eve concert at a Vienna castle, he invited his highest-paying fans in Europe to attend. He sold 200 tickets at $1,700 a pop in just 48 hours — all through Superphone.

Leslie is literally changing the music industry from the inside. And it all began with some Codecademy tutorials and that glowing recommendation that connected him to Ben Horowitz. Now he has all the support he needs to get a development team and take Superphone to the next level. Big up homie!


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