Home Music News Saudi Singer Arrested For Doing The Dab Dance Move on Stage

Saudi Singer Arrested For Doing The Dab Dance Move on Stage

Saudi Singer Arrested for Doing Dab Dance Move On Stage

A Saudi Arabian television host, actor and singer was reportedly arrested by the authorities because he did the Dab – a popular dance move – on stage during a concert. Apparently the dance had been banned by the Saudi Interior Ministry.

Saudi Arabia is known as a very conservative, some say oppressive, Middle Eastern country. The Kingdom is a strong ally to the United States, mostly because of oil interests.

The National Commission for Combating Drugs feels the dance move is a reference to marijuana – “dabbing” is also a practice for inhaling concentrated THC wax.

According to StereoGum

A notice from the commission warns “people about the dangers of this [move] on the youth and society, and is warning against imitating,” per BBC’s translation.

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The singer apologized on Twitter Tuesday saying it was an accident.

So yeah… that happened.

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