Home Celebrity Buzz Skrillex Pulled Over by Police for Blasting Own Music Too Loud

Skrillex Pulled Over by Police for Blasting Own Music Too Loud

Skrillex Pulled Over for Blasting Own Music Too Loud

Dubstep superstar producer Skrillex was recently pulled over in his Tesla X for playing his own music too loudly.

No arrest was made, but Skrillex was reportedly handcuffed at one point. He took to twitter to clarify the handcuffs were because he did not have any proper identification with him.

Just how much of a superstar is Skrillex? Apparently he tweeted about the incident to Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and original founder of PayPal.

That’s kind of hilarious. Good to see Skrillex took the incident in good spirit. Check out the video and his tweets below:


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