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Spotify & Apple Music Full Integration In Faceboook Messenger

Spotify and Apple Music Integration Into Facebook Messenger

Facebook has just announced that Spotify is now fully integrated into Facebook Messenger and that Apple Music integration will be available soon, as well. The integrations are part of the new “Messenger Extensions” which allow users to do things with other apps without leaving Messenger itself.

Hypebot reports:

Earlier in the day, we were tipped that Spotify was launching a Facebook Messenger bot . The bot includes search, recommendations, sharing a 30 second song clip within Messenger, or launching Spotify to hear the full song.

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Facebook also promised that music will play a much larger role in Messenger in general. What exactly this means is uncertain and users will have to wait and see.

All eyes have been on the Messenger App after Facebook announced the integration of “chat bots” to help businesses promote to users through the app.

When first announced last year, it drew lots of skepticism. Facebook said users would be able to engage with brands through these chat bots. But initial experiences of businesses that tested the feature were not great.

So far Facebook has been selling ads which redirect users from the timeline to Messenger to chat with one of these bots. The company says more inventive ideas are on the way.



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