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Spotify Buys Music Machine Learning Company

Spotify Buys Machine Learning Startup Niland

It’s official – Spotify is making moves. The company is sprinting around the business landscape, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. A year out from it’s public stock offering (according to some analysts) and within a matter of weeks, the streaming giant has signed major new licensing deals, launched new promotions and has now acquired a music startup that deals with the emerging field of machine learning.

This week at the Music Biz conference Troy Carter from Spotify said the company had become an “anticipatory” service – as HypeBot puts it “delivering the right music and the right moment.” It’s no wonder, then, the streaming giant bought the Paris-based machine learning startup Niland. Details of the acquisition were not disclosed to the public at press time.

According to HypeBot:

Niland used Artificial Intelligence (AI startup) to deliver advanced music search and recommendation. In addition to improving Spotify’s music recommendations. Niland powered search is also deliverable via API, which Spotify could offer to developers to build a new generation of intelligent music applications built on top of the music streamer.

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In a statement released this morning Spotify said “The team from Niland will…continue innovating and improving our recommendation and personalization technologies…”

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