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Spotify Drops 250 Follower Requirement to be Verified Artist

Spotify Verification No Longer Requires 250 Followers

Spotify recently announced that Artists using the service can now become “Verified” without having to have an initial 250 followers on the streaming platform. The news comes as the company expanded its tool-set for artists – upgrading from “Fan Insights” to “Spotify for Artists.”

Users who previously worked hard to get their follower count up to 250 may be annoyed by the move, but having 250 followers now that you didn’t have before is a nice problem.

Spotify For Artists allows both major and independent music artists to control their entire presence on the world’s largest music streaming platform. They can pin music to the top of profiles, change images and track info and much more. They can also get insights into how users are consuming their content.

With all these moves the company is making, it seems they are trying to bring more of a social media feel to the platform. Facebook also recently announced Spotify would have full integration into Facebook Messenger. People will be able to search and share music without leaving the messenger app.

We’re certain more changes and upgrades are on the way, with Spotify possibly going public as a company soon.


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