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The Weeknd Leaks New Album, Talks Collabo With Max Martin in GQ


the-weeknd-beauty-behind-the-madnessTwo powerhouses in the music business right now – Max Martin and The Weeknd – have produced one of the biggest songs of this summer – The Weeknd’s Cant Feel My Face.

The new album – Beauty Behind the Madness – is set to be released on Aug. 28th and has fans of both superstars patiently excited.

But they won’t have to wait that long because it looks like The Weeknd just leaked the album on SoundCloud and Twitter. Some are confused, but others are even more excited for the final product:



Here’s the SoundCloud streaming player of the leaked material:

Interview in GQ Magazine

Recently The Weeknd also sat down with GQ Magazine to talk the new album and Music Life.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the article and interview:

If it seems strange that a horror singer would team up with Martin—a guy known for producing the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”—for a new album called Beauty Behind the Madness (out next Friday, August 28), maybe it’s best not to overthink it. One guy brings the slick pop perfection; the other shines a black light into the filthiest corners of the room.

Please tell a story about a breakthrough or “aha!” moment in the studio while working with Max Martin.
There were plenty of moments. In a span of like a month, we did so many songs. It was a learning experience for me. When you work with someone who has been doing it for as long as Max Martin you can’t help but learn. Max’s studio used to be Marilyn Monroe’s old house and I came up with the concept for a song called “In the Night” in her bedroom. That was pretty amazing. Unfortunately I couldn’t help but imagine Joe DiMaggio’s sperm everywhere on the floor.

Read Full Interview Here…


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