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Is a Universal Music Group IPO on the Horizon?

Universal Music Group Considering an IPO?

Earlier today Universal Music Group’s parent company Vivendi held a shareholders meeting in Paris that turned out to be a tad interesting. The Chairman of the company Vincent Bollore was asked whether Universal would be “spun out” from it’s parent through an Initial Public Offering of stock/shares.

And he didn’t exactly say no…

According to Music Business Worldwide:

His answer was as surreal as it was intriguing.

“The value [of Universal] increases every day and it’s true that an IPO would be an interesting thing,” responded Bolloré – a clear sign that a flotation of the music company is on his mind.

According to Reuters, Bolloré then added: “The key question for an IPO is to know when is the best time to do it. It’s like cheese puffs – you have to take them out at the right moment.”

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Although this could be seen as a deflection by some, it’s interesting to note that just a few years ago Vivendi CEO Arnaud de Puyfontaine claimed that Universal would only be let out of the Vivendi umbrella “over my dead body.”

Fast forward a couple of years and he’s on record stating that Universal Music Group isn’t some “sacred cow.”

It’s clear that the top dogs at Vivendi are weighing all their options when it comes to the music giant, which has been valued recently at USD $22 Billion.

Will the company go public? The next year will be an interesting one in the music business as both Universal and Spotify ruminate about going public.




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