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3 Streaming Platforms Sued By Patent Licensing Firm

Company Suing Streaming Service Providers

Last month a patent licensing company called MOAEC Technologies LLC filed suit against 3 streaming companies over patent infringement. The patent troll is suing Spotify, SoundCloud and Deezer over US Patent 6,232,539 which describes a “music organizer and entertainment center.”

The patent reads:

“A music organizer and entertainment center provides a center having a microprocessor, sound card functions and high-volume data storage and retrieval units for playing back music according to a variety of predetermined categories. Music can be played back in random form or can be played back according to a particular pre-selected order. The categories are provided by service provider who delivers selected titles and/or songs to the end user.”

According to a post on HypeBot:

Digging into the actual claims, the real focus here appears to be on the ability to select “a category” of music:

Everything else in the patent appears to just be around playing music. But it’s difficult to see how this even remotely passes the Alice test for a generic computer function. The nearly identical filings try to insist that this patent revolves around some magical invention:

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