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39% of Americans Don’t Care About The Consequences of Piracy.


Piracy is known to cost artists and content creators millions of dollars in revenue but when it comes down to it, a big chunk of America doesn’t really care.

In a survey commissioned by digital security platform firm Irdeto shows, 39% of US consumers said the fact that content creators lose money doesn’t affect their piracy habits.

74% of U.S. consumers acknowledged that producing and sharing video content is illegal. 69% said that streaming and downloading pirated content is illegal. However, 32% of respondents admitted to watching pirated content. Yet, when confronted with the fact that studios lose out money, 39% said it had no effect on their piracy habits. Furthermore, only 19% of respondents said that the financial damage would stop them from watching pirated content.

The survey also found that 24% of respondents who pirate content prefer to watch TV series. In addition, another 24% expressed interest in watching pirated movies currently in theaters. 18% of consumers wanted to pirate movies on DVD and Blu-ray discs. Another 10% wanted to watch pirated live sports transmissions. Only 9% wanted to pirate original content from distributors like Netflix, Hulu, and Appleā€™s iTunes. Read more…

And though only 32% of respondents admitted to interacting with pirated content, the number is likely higher.

Talking about the study, Lawrence Low, Irdeto’s VP for Business Development said that Hollywood must continue to “educate consumers about piracy.”

And that’s true. It’s only through education that consumers will learn to curb the problem.


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