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Airbnb Launches Dedicated Concerts Platform

Airbnb launches new concerts platform

Popular short-term rental site Airbnb is expanding into the live music business. The company launched a new initiative today dedicated to staging concerts around the world. The new platform is called Airbnb Concerts and gives people the chance to attend live music events in places you wouldn’t necessarily expect – true to Airbnb’s brand.

The venues can range from recording studios and houses to cathedrals and wine cellars. The goal of this is to offer fans an intimate connection with acts, as opposed to simply being in a sea of 25,000 or more screaming fans in front of a giant stage and screen.

The typical admission price for Airbnb concerts costs around $20.00 to $35.00. Airbnb themselves will typically charge a 20% fee from each booking and are vetted in house before being listed on the site.

Although not available to everyone in the world just yet, that is definitely the plan.

According to Billboard:

As of today, Airbnb Concerts will be available in 25 cities around the world, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Paris and Sydney. Airbnb is targeting that number climbing to between 50 and 100 by December.

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This isn’t the company’s first move into music, either. Last year they launched “Music Experiences” as part of their global Trips platform.

One of Airbnb’s executives said “Music fans are really craving this format, so who knows where the limit is,” speaking of the intimate connection between artist and fan when there are less than 100 people in attendance.

Acts have already seen success with Airbnb. This is just another offering to help solidify the company’s move into this new space.


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