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Akai Drops MPC 2.0 BETA For MPC Touch & MPC Live

Akai Launches Public Beta of MPC 2.0 Software

If you’re an MPC fan then today’s a happy day. Akai, makers of the Music Production Center line of beat makers have just launched a public software Beta Test for users of the MPC Touch and MPC Live. MPC 2.0 can be downloaded now and includes built-in feedback functionality to help iron out the software’s bugs.

MPC Live should be shipped out to buyers this month and will be paired with the MPC 2.0 software.

Here are some of the features of the new software:

  • New Graphical Interface
  • Audio Track Recording
  • Real-Time Time-Stretching and Pitch-Shifting
  • Clip Program for clip-launch performance
  • Advanced Signal Routing Capability
  • Reimagined Mixer Layout
  • Enhanced Q-Link Control
  • CV program for control of external analog gear
  • Audio and MIDI drag-and-drop
  • In-Place Audio Bounce

Login to your account at AkaiPro.com to download the software



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