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Amazon May Venture Into Live Event Ticket Business

Amazon May Get Into Live Event Ticketing

It’s being reported that one of the biggest (if not the biggest) company in the world – Amazon – is looking at moving into the event ticketing business. The move would be a huge challenge to dominant mainstays Ticketmaster and StubHub.

The news agency Reuters says Amazon thinks the ticketing business is “ripe” for development and it may be their newest venture. The move is reportedly driven by consumer dislike of fees and venues/leagues who want a competitive alternative.

Amazon currently retails pretty much everything you could think of and they’ve revolutionized the entire retail industry. Their move into live music and live event ticketing could revolutionize that field as well.

HypeBot reports:

Amazon has already found some success in their initial foray into live event ticketing in the UK, where the e-commerce company has been selling tickets to theatrical productions in London’s West End since 2015.¬†Amazon has previously approached Ticketmaster about a partnership, but talks stalled over who would retain control over customer data from ticket sales…

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