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Amnesty For Samplers!

EMI Sample Amnesty

EMI Sample Amnesty Do you make sample based music beats? If you love using old school samples in your productions then you’re in for a treat. At the end of August this year EMI Music launched a six month “amnesty” initiative to help ease the burden on DJs and producers.

The london-based music library is allowing artists, producers and DJs who have – knowingly or otherwise – already used a sample in their existing production(s) to gain a legitimate license from the company without any legal fear (from drums, to melodic samples and everything in between).

The library itself is MASSIVE – spanning 60 years and containing 125,000 master recordings. So if you’re a pretty prolific beat maker then you’ve probable come across an EMI sample or two…

Here’s what an EMI Executive had to say about the initiative to Billboard Magazine:

“If you look at the length of time now that sampling has been in place in pop music and look at the depth of our catalogue, there’s probably a fair few samples that go unrequested out there,” explains Alex Black, EMI Production Music global director, who helped devise and drive the scheme. “All we’re trying to do here is say: ‘Let’s engage.’ Let’s work with the record and artist community that we think are interested in sampling, or have sampled our catalogue, and see if we can do something positive that might well stimulate new and exciting collaborations.”

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It’s true, sampling has been around for quite a long time. And it’s not just within the urban music environment. Producers and DJs of all genres dabble in sampling and come up with some of the most creative uses of these pre-recorded music phrases.

The catalogs covered by this new amnesty initiative include KPM, Music House, Selected Sound, Colour Sound, AV Music, Castle Music, Ded Good, Sparkle & Burn and more. The catalog is huge, and a number of famous acts have utilized the recordings contained within it – from Ghostface Killah to Joey Bada$$ and even legendary Hip-Hop crew Jurrasic 5.

Of course, most of those would’ve already been cleared by EMI before release. But if you haven’t checked the library – get on it, make some beats and get yourself a legit license to use the sample!

Here’s a quick video from DeviantNoise.com about sampling digital recordings in Reason w/ the help of Recycle.


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