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Another “Friday” Movie Coming Soon?

New Friday Movie Coming Soon

There have been rumors of a new Friday movie for years, but now John Witherspoon has stated that Ice Cube confirmed to him that it’s been green lit.

If you’re a 90s child, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the classic Ice Cube movie Friday. If you haven’t, you should stop what you’re doing now and go see it. The first movie ever written by Ice Cube quickly became the favorite of a generation of fans and spawned two sequels and a ton of catch phrases. (Where do you think “Bye, Felicia” came from?)

And fans of the franchise may have something to hold their breath about. According to hilarious comedian John Witherspoon (who played Cube’s father in the films), Warner Bros. have green lit another sequel to the much adored series. Witherspoon was on The Power 95.3’s GetUpCrew and had this to say:

“I was at the airport and I saw Ice Cube. Cube said they gonna do another Friday. He said he wants to meet with me last week–this week, but he couldn’t make it, but we’re going to meet next week to get things together…there’s a new guy at Warner Bros. Thank God!”

There have been rumors for years that a new Friday movie would be coming out. Several people close to the film have hinted at this as well. The last movie “Friday After Next” was released almost 15 years ago, and fans have been patiently waiting.

Will they still be holding their breath? Or will a new movie be out soon? Check out the video below and judge for yourself:



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