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Apparently Apple Music is the Most Popular Streaming Service

Apple Music Top US Streaming Service

According to Verto Analytics the most popular streaming company is Apple Music, not Spotify. The report, in the Verto Index, was released a month after the Wall Street Journal published a report that claimed Apple would be the top US streaming service.

According to Digital Music News:

With a 23% monthly reach, Apple’s music streaming service had 49.5 million monthly unique users, most of them paying subscribers.  Spotify landed in second with a 22% reach, having 47.7 million users.

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Verto Analytics CEO, Hannu Verkasalo, said “The past year has been especially eventful for music streaming services, with SoundCloud’s near-collage, iHeatMedia’s bankruptcy and Spotify’s much-anticipated IPO and continued US growth.”

Though the numbers are close between Apple and Spotify when it comes to monthly reach the news that Apple is a nose-hair further ahead may not be the best news for the soon-to-be-public Spotify.


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