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Apple Executive Says iTunes Music Downloads Shutting Down

iTunes Will Stop Music Downloads

Streaming music is really the way the world is consuming music. And although there are still people who purchase music (physical and digital) it’s not something even the biggest tech companies think will last.

Exiting Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine reportedly confirmed to the BBC that iTunes will stop music downloads. The rumor of this happening first surfaced in December of 2017, and has now apparently been confirmed.

According to Digital Music News:

Here’s what the BBC article states, quoting Iovine:

Apple has previously denied rumours it would “phase out” the iTunes download store next year, but Iovine told the BBC such a move was inevitable.

There is no concrete timescale, but he said: “If I’m honest, it’s when people stop buying.

“It’s very simple.”

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Both Nielsen Music and BuzzAngle said that music sales saw double-digit percentage drops last. And this is a continuing trend that started decades ago.


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