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Apple Music: 15 Million Subscribers & A Redesign

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Apple Music has just announced that it now has 15 million subscribers.

Good news for the tech giant.

Another thing revealed at the company’s World Wide Developer Conference was that a total redesign of the streaming service’s interface is coming soon.

Good news for users.

15 million is certainly a good number. It means that Apple Music is inching closer to Spotify’s 30 million subscribers. Not close. Just closer.

Though it’s likely that Spotify will continue to grow in a can-see-the-rainbow-but-cant-touch-it-manner, Apple Music is willing to try.

The redesign is meant to get rid of the clutter than makes user experience confusing. It’s also meant to emulate Spotify’s easy-to-use feel and the now-missing lyrics feature. Check out the details:

The new design eliminates much of the clutter that made using Apple Music confusing. Two primary sections control the app – music downloaded on the phone and streaming from Apple Music. Hit play and album artwork is front and center along with easily accessible lyrics. The later is a deliberate jab at Spotify which recently dropped lyrics, at least temporarily.

A new section called “For You” includes “Discover,” “Recently Played” and a personalized playlist that looks very much like a daily version Spotify’s Discover Weekly. hypebot.com



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