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Apple Music Launches Initiative to Promote “Developing Artists”

Apple Music Up Next Will Support Developing Acts

Apple Music, the streaming service from the creators of the iPhone, has just launched a new initiative called “Up Next” that is intended to help promote developing music artists.

Acts that are selected to be a part of the program will get help with marketing, content and playlist support from Apple Music. This will include a documentary, a live session, an EP and even an appearance on late night TV. Once that content is created, Apple says it will do all it can to help provide the artist with new eyes.

And although this sounds great for independent acts on the come-up, it might not be what you expect.

As Complete Music Update puts it,

Quite how you define ‘developing act’ is, of course, debatable, and first Up Next artist 6lack is already signed to Universal’s Interscope and scoring impressive streams for current single ‘PRBLMS’. Though Apple says that its music team have been backing 6lack for sometime already, including before Interscope’s involvement.

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Indeed, the acts may still be developing, but they’re likely not to be the type of artists that need that type of major support in the first place.


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