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Apple Music Launching Analytics for Artists

Apple Music Launches Analytics for Artists

Streaming service Apple Music announced that they will launch a new Analytics platform for music artists, mimicking a 2017 move by streaming leader Spotify. The service, dubbed “Apple Music For Artists” (similar in name to “Spotify For Artists”) will offer interested parties the data on their streaming presence and engagement on the music platform.

The service will offer insights into fan behavior back to the initial launch of Apple Music in 2015. The stats can be broken down by demographic and geographic information. Unfortunately the service is still in Beta and will only be available to a few artists while they continue to tweak the platform. The rest of us will have to wait until at least Spring to access these analytics.

According to Complete Music Update:

Apple Music is quite late to the ‘let’s provide some stats to artists and managers’ party. As well as Spotify, companies including Pandora and YouTube already offer data and analytics directly to artists. In part it’s a means of trying to stop those pesky artists from constantly moaning about how small their royalty payments are.

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