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Apple Releases New App for Musicians


Apple  has released a new app for musicians and has made some pretty big updates to the GarageBand app. This is great timing for Apple since NAMM is right around the corner. The app is called Music Memos and you use it to record audio into the iPhone.  You can even share the creation directly with fans through Apple’s Music Connect social network.

Unfortunately Apple Connect hasn’t really lived up to the hype surrounding it after the Apple event that announced it.

Here’s what HypeBot says about the new app and what’s possible with it.

With the Music Memos app, users can record any sound or musical instrument through the iPhone’s built-in microphone in an uncompressed format, then name, tag and rate it to start building a library of ideas. Optionally, the app can analyze rhythm and chords of acoustic guitar and piano recordings, and add matching drums and a bass line. It can also provide basic notation that displays the chords that were played. Add Apples’ iCloud and any created Music Memos are automatically available across all Apple devices and can open in Garageband.

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The new GarageBand updates include Live Loops, which allows you to create new music loops by tapping on the screen. It includes a bunch of templates for you to use as well. It’s also got a feature caleld Drummer with different sound from virtual session drumers.

Pretty cool stuff that we’ll be trying out.




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