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Ariana Grande Cancels Remainder of Tour After Manchester Blasts

Ariana Grande Cancels Remaining European Tour
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UPDATE 1:39PM CST TUESDAY: Apparently ISIS has taken responsibility for last night’s attacks, but the claims could not be verified by intelligence agencies. The terror group often claims responsibility for events they have nothing to do with. The suspected bomber has also been identified as 22-year-old Salman Abedi, and another early-20s male is in custody.

It’s being reported that Ariana Grande has cancelled the remainder of her European tour after explosions turned her Manchester show into tragic chaos. She was scheduled to perform next at London’s O2 Arena.

At 10:30 PM Monday London Time an explosion at the Manchester Arena took the lives of 22 people with more than 50 others injured.

Authorities are treating the incident as a terrorist attack and possible suicide bombing, though details (including who is responsible) are yet to be revealed. Being an Ariana Grande concert, most (if not all) of the attendees were children, teens and their parents, making it an especially heinous situation.

Digital Music News reports:

Prime Minister Theresa May has called the explosion “an appalling terrorist attack,” and other leaders are chiming in.  At this point it appears that the explosion was an act of Islamic extremist terrorism.  The remains of a male perpetrator have been identified, though more information on the suspect remains unavailable.

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Videos have surfaced on social media showing the chaotic aftermath of the explosion.

Grande was not injured in the explosion and tweeted about the event later in the night:


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