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Audiomodern Releases Random Riff Generator Pro 2

Audiomodern Random Riff Generator Pro 2

An update of the MIDI sequence generator from Audiomodern called “Random Riff Generator 2” has been released. It’s a tool that creates MIDI patterns for any synth or software/hardware music makers.

It can create random melodies, riffs and more on the spot and will cost 39 EUR. Users of previous versions of the software will be able to access the updates for free.

Users can learn more at https://audiomodern.com/shop/max-for-live/random-riff-generator-pro/

Here’s a list of what’s new in the software:

  • Redesigned User Interface.
  • Export midi sequence into a midi clip.
  • Duplicate the sequence from one RRGPRO2 to other RRGPRO2.
  • Step Number Selector, set the amount of notes you want to generate.
  • Improved preset system, save the preset in an empty slot automatically.

Check out a preview in this video:



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