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Audiority Releases Tube Modulator Plugin

Auditory Tube Modulator Plugin

Studio plugin company Audiority has just released Tube Modulator, a plugin that models the tremolo, vibrato and spatial position effects of the “golden era of recording.” The plugin is an updated (and more powerful) version of the original Tremolan plugin by the company.

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The new plugin will feature circuit emulations ranging fromt he tube-bias tremolo effects of the 1950s to psychedelic vibrato effects heard in the 1960s. The effects are “colored by design” to add warmth to any channel in the mix.

According to Rekkerd:

Tube Modulator spatial effects include a panner, a rotary speaker and a wide stereo “wow & flutter” simulators. A wide XY scope will show you the current amplitude and spatial position modulation to get instant feedback of your settings.

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Here are some of the features of the new plugin:

  • 7 Tremolo / Vibrato modes.
  • 3 Spatial Position effects.
  • 11 Waveforms LFO.
  • XY Scope.
  • Parameters Linking.
  • Tempo Sync.
  • Colored by Design.

Check out this video below:

The plugin is available in all major formats for $35 USD. It is on sale until March 1st. Learn more here.


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