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Bill Patrizio New President, CEO of Napster

bill patrizio named ceo of napster

Bill Patrizio has been named the official President and CEO of the Napster streaming service by Rhapsody International, the company’s parent organization. Patrizio has been the interim CEO since May 2017, but now it’s cemented. Bill Patrizio replaced Mike Davis during a restructuring last year.

The CEO of Napster will continue his position with RealNetworks as president of consumer media. In a statement, the co-chairmen of Rhapsody International said “We’re delighted to make Bill Napster’s permanent CEO. He has led a resurgence of the company in its new partner-oriented focus.

According to HypeBot:

In his sort of new role, Patrizio will continue to support “Napster’s progress in embracing innovation, and delivering compelling products and services for consumers, its partners, and the wider music industry,” the company said in a press release.

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Patrizio said “It is a privilege to lead this company and define a path forward that allows us to continue to participate in the growth of music streaming…”


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