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Brandy Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against Record Label


Brandy has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Chameleon Entertainment.

The 37-year old R&B singer filed the suit last Tuesday with L.A.’s Superior Court claiming that the label was blocking her from recording new music and was breaching the five-album deal they signed in 2011.

According to the complaint, the label is trying to bully Brandy into signing a new record deal that would have much worse terms than what she already signed on.

After launching her multi-award winning career in 1993, the singer and actress enjoyed an 11-year relationship with Atlantic Records before moving onto Epic Records. After the stint with Epic, she signed the joint deal with RCA and Chameleon.


Brandy is seeking $1 million in compensatory damages. The documents allege that Prescott, who is reportedly employed by Epic Records as a head of A&R, attempted to have Norwood sign a new recording and distribution contract with the label, which would allow the company to profit from Norwood’s acting and touring projects.

The lawsuit also alleges that Chameleon balked after Brandy released 2012’s Two Eleven, which was supposed to be the first of a five-album deal. The allegations suggests that “pursuant to the Agreement, Chameleon was obligated to pay recording costs for the second album in the amount of $600,000,” 10 percent of which it would owe “promptly following receipt of notice that Norwood had commenced recording of the second album.” Read more…




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