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Bryson Tiller’s TRAPSOUL Reaches Platinum Status

bryson tiller TRAPSOUL

Not too long ago, Bryson Tiller was grinding away at UPS and Papa John’s while doing music as a side gig. Today, his debut album, TRAPSOUL has reached RIAA-certified platinum status.

And for a 23-year old Louisville, Kentucky native, that’s huge. Especially since it all began with “Don’t” – a track he uploaded on his Soundcloud page.

Now fast forward to him getting massive internet attention and him piquing the interest of Timbaland and Drizzy – and the rest is history.

TRAPSOUL was announced was August 25 and released on October 2, 2015 via RCA Records.

It debuted at No. 11 with 22,000 units and sailed all the way to No. 2 on the Billboard R&B chart. Since then, the alternative R&B album has picked up sales slowly but surely.

Tiller shared the good news on instagram stating that he had already reached gold status a month ago but he had to keep it secret.

Definitely a feat that points to the dawn of a new era. Here’s why:

In some ways, more than Beyonce’s surprise albums, more than Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, TRAPSOUL is the clearest evidence we’ve seen yet that a new era is truly upon us. This wasn’t an album from a superstar whose superstardom was established a decade ago. Mindie alert aside, Tiller’s a true Soundcloud sensation who went from his living room to a major label deal at an astonishing speed, but unlike his other signed-off-Soundcloud peers, he’s translated that virality into real success that has almost nothing to do with traditional album sales. djbooth.net



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