Home Music Production Can This New Music-Focused OS Replace Windows/Mac Based Standards?

Can This New Music-Focused OS Replace Windows/Mac Based Standards?

Mind Music Labs Introduces New ELK OS for Music Production

This month MIND Music Labs unveiled their brand new computer operating system – ELK – a linux-based operating system that is music focused and all about “high performance.” This isn’t the first time a new OS that’s better for music has been tried, but will this time be different?

According to CreateDigitalMusic:

ELK promises insanely low latencies, so that you can add digital effects without delaying the returning signal (which for anything other than a huge reverb is an important factor). And there are other benefits, too, that make music gadgets made with the OS more connected to the world. According to the developers, you get:

Ultra-low latency (1ms round-trip) Linux-based, using single Intel & ARM CPUs Support for JUCE and VsT 2.x and 3.x plugins Natively connected (USB, WiFi, BT, 4G)

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ELK was demonstrated with actual gear as well. They are partnered with DVMark, MarkBass and Overloud. They also got Plugin Alliance and Brainworx to sign on.

Eventually there are plans for ELK to have it’s own plug-in format. To learn more about the new OS, visit MindMusicLabs.com



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