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Canada ‘s New Budget Sets Aside $1.9 billion For Culture And The Arts

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Canada’s biggest arts and cultural institutions will get a cash infusion over the next five years as indicated in the newly released Federal Budget 2016.

The country’s Liberal government, captained by newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, seeks to invest nearly $1.9 billion ($1.4B USD) in organizations such as CBC, Canada Council for the Arts, Telefilm Canada and the National Film Board.

Top-line cultural items in the budget, enumerated in a section on arts investment that wasn’t part of the 2015 budget, include $675 million to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio-Canada; $550 million to the Canada Council for the Arts, the organization responsible for issuing grants and services to artists and arts organizations; $22 million to Telefilm Canada, and $13.5 million for the National Film Board of Canada. An additional $114.9 million has been pledged to the National Arts Centre for its first two years, 2016-2018.

Thirty-five million dollars is being earmarked over two years for showcasing Canada’s cultural industries to the world. Read more…

Cultural funding is a fraction of new program spending but the money is set to flow to areas that suffered from years of Conservative budget cuts. Among them, the CBC, which saw its budget slashed by $115 million a year by the Conservatives beginning the year 2012.


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