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Cardi B Upsets West Coast Crips Over Instagram Photo + Caption

Cardi B Upsets LA Crips in Instagram Post

Cardi B’s rise to fame is a straight-up Cinderella story and everyone’s rooting for the former-dancer turned rapper. But some on the West Coast didn’t like a recent Instagram post and caption the “Bodak Yellow” star put up on her profile.

In the picture, Cardi is seen looking sexy as ever, rocking a blue fur coat. Seems harmless enough, right? The caption read something along the lines of her hating to wear the color blue. But the word blue was spelled “flue,” which some say is a diss towards the Crips.

Cardi has acknowledged in the past that she’s down with the Bloods, the Crips’ historic rivals in Los Angeles and greater California. Needless to say, some in the West Coast community didn’t like what she was insinuating.

BET.com reports:

According to TMZ, Cardi’s comments quickly filled with threats from the West Coast Crips who caught wind of the photo. And they were very specific with the Bronx native in their heeds, warning her not to show face in L.A.

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The threats come as Cardi is set to attend the NBA All Star Game happening in L.A. later this month. The caption has since been deleted, while the photo remains. Commenting privileges on the post have also been disabled.

The Hip-Hop community has come out to say Cardi needs to stop with this behavior, citing her position in popular culture and the music industry.

Check out the picture below:



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