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Chamillionaire Launches New Video Messaging App

Chaimillionaire Launches Messaging App

Rapper and tech-investor Chamillionaire has just launched a new video messaging app called Convoz. The app facilitates conversations via 15-second video clips. The “Ridin Dirty” star said the app is “the place where you go to talk to people.”

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Chamillionaire said “I just wasn’t happy with the communication channels that are currently existing on social media,” It’s hoped that it’s an alternative to Twitter where fans can connect with celebrities. Unlike Twitter, however, where it’s easy to anonymously troll on Convoz you show your face. Whether that leads to more meaningful interactions or not remains to be seen.

According to Music Ally,

…if the app takes off, it might create its own community of influencers in the same way that Vine and Musical.ly did.

As with any app, ‘if it takes off’ is a very big if, as is finding a sustainable business model for the long term. Much will depend on how long Convoz’ clutch of celebs stay interested.

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