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Check Out All The Changes Done to Kanye West’s ‘New’ Life of Pablo

kanye west updated tlop

Damn! This album has gone through a lot! 

Yeah, The Life of Pablo ‘s seen it all.

First came the hyped live premiere at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 11 which caused an inconvenient technological glitch. Then came the exclusive debut on Tidal on Feb. 14.  And this was certainly a win for TIDAL and its subscriber numbers.

Ok, so the launch was done.

But after that, there was confusion over why the album wasn’t Top 10 – heck – even Top 20 on Billboard’s charts. Apparently Nielsen Music wasn’t getting any memos. So Billboard rankings remained on hold for TLOP.

In came March and we found out that the entire album was still going through some changes. And some more changes.

And now, with the album finished and streaming on all services despite West’s previous belief in a non-Apple Music release, we can finally lay back with TLOP in our ears.

But I bet you’re wondering – how different is this version of TLOP from the February one?

Wonder no more.

The guys over at EW came through for us. Check out their list of all the changes in the album.

Chance the Rapper has a new line on “Ultralight Beam”

“Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” includes some sleek backing vocals

West altered a lyric on “Famous” — but not the one you’d think

The industrial sound effects on “Feedback” and “Freestyle 4” have been modified

West rerecorded his first verse on “Waves”

“FML” sports minor improvements that make it a smoother listen

“Wolves” includes Sia and Vic Mensa once again

Album closer “Fade” has received edits — and an actual conclusion

Get more details at ew.com…




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