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Check Out These New Adidas Roland TR-808 Shoes

Adidas TR-808 Running Shoes

Adidas has just released a custom concept sneaker that was inspired the iconic drum machine the Roland TR-808. The shoe’s design is heavily reminiscent of the orange and black drum machine that started the 808 craze in the music business. The shoes look amazing but the design isn’t the only cool thing about them.

Ask Audio reports:

But, we’re told, as comfy and trendy as they might look to wear, the Mi Adidas alos pack a rhythmic punch too. Yes, these trainers can make beats. “The shoes are equipped with volume control and six different pre-programmed settings so you can recreate your favorite scenes from Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo in your mom and dad’s kitchen on a broke down cardboard box from Costco.”

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Would you rock these shoes? Would you make beats on them while you had them on? Either way, these shoes are pretty cool.

There is no word on whether these shoes will be available for purchase any time soon.


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