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Chicago Rapper Fredo Santana Dies at 27, Hip-Hop Reacts

Fredo Santana Dies at 27

Chicago Drill rapper Fredo Santana passed away last week at the age of 27. The rapper was battling with kidney and liver failure in 2017 due to drug use. The death sparked many condolences and tributes but also more backlash against the drug abuse so prevalent in the culture today. The death comes on the heels of rapper Lil Peep’s death in November of 2017.

According to Pigeon’s and Plane’s,

After Fredo’s death, even more artists are speaking out. DJ Mustard dumped out a bottle of lean and shared video footage, saying, “It’s over. Fuck this shit.” Lil Xan has continued his anti-Xanax¬†campaign, and asked fans to join him.

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Fredo’s death isn’t the first to happen as a result of Lean. Way back in the day DJ Screw (pioneer of the chopped n screwed sound), and more recently A$AP Yams (founder of the A$AP Mob crew) also passed from excessive use of the Codeine based pharmaceutical.

Lil Peep’s death seemed to mark a new enlightenment in the culture, with many, including artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Mozzy, trying to kick the habit’s that plagued them. This latest death will no doubt intensify those feelings and hopefully bring about positive change.



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