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China Government Bans Hip-Hop, Chinese Music Industry Reacts

China Bans Hip-Hop from Mainstream Broadcast

China’s banning everything – first it was cryptocurrencies, now it’s Hip-Hop. China’s state media regulator SAPPRFT (the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television) issued a statement banning a lot of things that seemed to target Hip-Hop.

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Technically the statement said that stations should not broadcast anyone “whose heart and morality are not aligned with the party and whose morality is not noble,” or has tattoos. Oh and also don’t use any actors that are “tasteless, vulgar and obscene.”

According to Billboard:

These sweeping pronouncements, particularly those specifically aimed at hip-hop, were met with initial shock, especially since hip-hop acts like Higher Brothers and the TV show Rap of China are — or were — hugely popular. Now, the TV show will likely be taken off the air. But it remains unclear to what extent the authorities will try to enforce the media ban, or even what the end game is.

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Many within the Chinese music industry reacted. Alan Hsia, co-founder of a Taiwan dance music agency said “It seems like hip-hop culture influenced mainstream culture [in China] too big and too fast.”

Marcus Rowland, head of A&R for Beijing music company Outdustry said “This ban is the government saying what most of us always knew: that the government sees hip-hop as part of low-level society and not appropriate for mainstream audiences.”

It seems China is hell-bent on banning anything they don’t understand and can’t tightly and strictly control. It is not a surprising move by Beijing.


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