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Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” Season 2 Features Star As Budden Replacement

Everyday Struggle returns with new host Star

After the sudden departure of Joe Budden from the hit YouTube show “Everyday Struggle,” fans around the world were wondering what would happen to their new favorite show. Some speculated that the show wouldn’t return, but today (January 22) the second season debuted on the Complex News YouTube channel with a new face.

“Shock radio jock” Star joined Nadeska and Akademiks for Monday’s show to discuss what’s happening in current Hip-Hop news. The former Hot 97 and YouTube personality is set to be Budden’s replacement.

The first show of 2018 was very tense with Star going in on Ak from the jump, and ended on a bit of an awkward note. Nadeska, the show’s moderator, brought up the recent death of Chicago rapper Fredo Santana, but before Akademiks could finish his RIP sentiment, Star used the segment as another opportunity to berate his co-host.

Was this the right move for Complex and Everyday Struggle? It’s uncertain as of yet, and fan reaction is quite mixed with some liking the new addition, while others absolutely hating it. At press time the video racked up a little over 70,000 views with 2000 likes and 6000 dislikes.

The Visually Gifted commented “I knew this shit was gonna be lame asf when I seen their hand shake” and TheGOATKyle chimed in with “this is borderline unwatchable.” Some were with it though, like Da Gawd commenting “HAHAHha star is the man,” and Afro Playa saying “Star’s better than Joe Budden.”

Star is known for his shocking comments and unapologetic approach.

According to HipHopDX,

Although Star, who Alexis refers to as a “radio legend” in the video, has had a storied career, it’s been shrouded in controversy. Star is known for his “shock jock” style approach to radio and in 2001, Hot 97 suspended him after he mocked Aaliyah’s death. Over 32,000 people reportedly signed a “No More Star” petition to have him removed from radio. Clearly, that didn’t work.

In 2006, during his run on Power 105.1’s Star & Buc Wild Morning Show, he made some inappropriate comments that got him fired. He threatened to sexually assault DJ Envy’s 4-year-old and made racial slurs against Envy’s wife on air.

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We’ll see how the rest of the episodes fare this week. But it’s safe to say Complex is trying to keep the momentum of what Joe, Akademiks and Nadeska built going without the creator of the show.

Watch the full episode below.



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