Home Celebrity Buzz Danny Brown Threatens to Diss Delta Airlines, Gets Apology

Danny Brown Threatens to Diss Delta Airlines, Gets Apology

Delta Airlines Apologizes to Danny Brown

After a delayed flight, rapper Danny Brown just wasn’t feeling Delta Airlines. So he took to twitter on May 3 and threatened to release a diss track aimed at the airline. It must have worked because Delta Airlines did end up apologizing to the Detroit emcee.

In a series of tweets Brown said he’d commission Dr. David Dao – the man who was violently dragged off a United Airlines flight in April – for the track as well.

Delta responded on Twitter, saying they were sorry for the delay and asked if there was anything they could do to help. Danny Brown said he was good.

That likely means the tweets were just jokes from a frustrated flyer. But with all the controversy surrounding airlines and the way they treat their passengers latelty, Delta wasn’t taking any chances.

Check out the tweets below:

This isn’t the first time Delta’s come under fire from Hip-Hop artists. French Montana once threatened to boycott the airline.



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