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David Guetta Slammed By DJ Snake & Diplo For Fake ‘Lean On’

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Welcome to yet another episode of Celebrity Tweefs this week.

Starring David Guetta, DJ Snake and Diplo, this one’s a one-sided tackle involving a two-against-one attack.

As reported by Billboard, DJ Snake sunk his teeth into David Guetta’s recording “This One’s For You”, which he labeled “horrible” and slammed as a “fake” spin on “Lean On”. Diplo then got in on it and added jabs at Guetta saying “U can’t rip us off and go unnoticed. It’s a small community here.”

“Lean On” was recorded by electronic music group Major Lazer and DJ Snake. Diplo is a founding member of Major Lazer by extension, was a co-creator of the song.

“This One’s For You” which dropped today (May 13) is the anthem for the Euro 2016 soccer tournament.


For now, the tackle remains one-sided as Guetta has not yet responded to the accusations.

You might want to judge for yourself.

Revisit “Lean On” here:

Check out “This One’s For You” here:

Read the full article on Billboard.com here.



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