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Desiigner Ft. Boyd – Moon People

desiigner moon people

Apparently, Desiigner is ‘looking into the Future’ again with this new track titled “Moon People”.

According to pretty much everyone, the 19-year old sounds more like Future on this one- way more than he did in “Panda”.

But it’s something that doesn’t quite seem to bother Desiigner that much. He’s signed to a cool new publishing deal and he’s got Mike Dean in his corner who told Billboard “…he’s not just some Future knockoff. He talks like that — he sounds like he’s got Auto-Tune on his voice in real life. He talks like Future raps, which is weird..”

Either way, boy’s got it made!

Desiigner’s meteoric rise to fame has not been without controversy, as many consider him to be little more than a Future impersonator. These rampant allegations of biting have likely only contributed to the ubiquitous buzz around the Atlanta-sounding Brooklyn rapper. And Desiigner has seemed to enjoy trolling his detractors by purposely making moves that only serve to further encourage the comparison between him and Future. “Moon People” certainly won’t help his case.

At this year’s SXSW, Desiigner performed an unreleased track called “Pluto,” also the title of Future’s debut album, and while “Moon People” isn’t as direct of an allusion, one could argue that a moon person is another way of saying “astronaut,” a prominent motif in Future’s early work. In any case, it’s the sound of “Moon People” that will really have the Future Hive up in arms. hotnewhiphop.com


“Moon People” features Boyd and was produced by Macktastic TV.

It comes right when his smash-hit “Panda” drops to No. 2 below Drake’s “One Dance”.

With lyrics from his Tim Westwood TV freestyle last month, the track comes right after a reported altercation between the rapper and Justin Bieber at New York’s 1 OAK nightclub on Thursday (May 5).

Have a listen:


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