Home Music News ‘Despacito’ Becomes World’s Most Watched Music Video Ever @ 3 BILLION Views

‘Despacito’ Becomes World’s Most Watched Music Video Ever @ 3 BILLION Views

Despacito Becomes Most Watched Video of All Time

Daaaammmnnn Daniel… The song of the summer has officially become the most watched music video in the history of music. The music video has now surpassed the 3 BILLION views mark, making it the first video in the history of YouTube to ever do so. The Luis Fonsi smash single beats out Wiz Khalifa and PSY to claim the top spot on the YouTube charts.

But Fonsi’s success with his latest song doesn’t stop there. It’s also the most liked video in the history of YouTube, garnering over 17 million thumbs up. And the most amazing part? Fonsi released the video less than a year ago – it’s been less than 205 days since its release. Quite a feat.

Here’s what Fonsi and collaborator Daddy Yankee had to say according to Digital Music News:

[Fonsi] “Breaking the record for most viewed video of all time on YouTube is truly incredible, not only for me but for Latin music and our culture. Everything that has happened in the last six months has exceeded all my expectations, and I’m just grateful that people have enjoyed it so much and continue to sing it, dance it and share it.”

[Yankee] “The music industry has changed, the rules of music have changed and I fully recognize YouTube’s role and the power of its platform. Breaking a record is overwhelming and I’m happy to keep inspiring others to do the same.”

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And just for the hell of it, here’s the video.. again.. Why stop at 3 Billion when you can get it to 4 Billion?




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