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Did Google and YouTube Steal Content ID?

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Who actually developed Content ID?

Was it Google, or was it Audible Magic?

The answer to that billion dollar question will be handled in a lawsuit.

Audible Magic filed a complaint at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Tuesday (January 10) claiming that they indeed developed the Content ID service and that Google “willfully” and “fraudulently” trademarked it.

YouTube worked under Audible Magic Corp in 2006 and subsequently after its acquisition with Google in 2009.  The licensing agreement was transferred to the search engine behemoth… Critics – most notably Viacom – had accused YouTube of being a “prime enabler” of copyright infringement and pirating.  That was the basis for a massive infringement lawsuit that YouTube somehow survived.  The popular music and video streamer launched Content ID in October 2006 to combat those piracy claims and stem further litigation… In 2009, the licensing agreement ended between the three companies. However, in 2013, Google signed a declaration stating that it knew of no other company entitled to use the Content ID brand.  Ultimately, the company’s complaint is over the use of the name. Read more…

In the complaint, Audible Magic is asking USPTO to cancel Google’s “invalid” USPTO registration. If USPTO judges in their favor, the complaint may force YouTube to remove Content ID. However (and most probably), the video streamer may just be forced to rebrand “Content ID.”


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