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Digital Music Company eMusic Announces Relaunch

eMusic to Relaunch it's Digital Music Service

The digital music service eMusic has just announced a relaunch of it’s brand and a big revamp. Yes, the subscription download service is still a thing and was originally an indie music platform, but has since brought the major labels on board.

That ended up changing the pricing structure of the service and now eMusic wants to revive itself because a lot of it’s user base switched over to a streaming platform. The company hopes to launch new smart TV and watch apps, as well as add hi-res audio downloads to it’s service offering.

It may not actually be an entire revamp of the company though. Complete Music Update reports:


Although the relaunched version of eMusic is being touted as a major revamp, it’s more a case of the company getting back to its roots. Ownership of music purchased through the site is being pushed as a major selling point, and it has returned to a focus on independent music. Users will now also be able to stream the music they buy, thanks to TriPlay’s existing technology.

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TriPlay – a digital locker service – is the company that purchased eMusic back in 2015. TirPlay’s CEO Tamir Koch says “The music collector market remains strong and we now offer a holistic music service with multiple value propositions that benefit the user as well as the artist…”

It will be a tough road to pull-back the dominance of the major streaming platforms in the market. But time will tell whether the move from eMusic is a winning strategy.


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