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Diplo, DarkChild and Going to University for Music Production

Image Source: Infinitelegroom.com

Time Magazine Says Diplo Making Pop Music Weird

Image Source: Infinitelegroom.com
Image Source: Infinitelegroom.com

Diplo is a music producer that has been burning up the charts lately – from the Harlem Shake to Major Lazer the man is everywhere.

Recently Time Magazine sat down with the super producer and he offered some insight into his mind as a music producer in the modern music era.

“The only motivation is how crazy can we get, how far can we get as a producer, how unique can we make it sound,” Diplo says. “When we think about big records, a lot of producers are thinking of how to make it as standard as possible. I think those days are gone. I think you have to surprise the audience in 2015.”

Read the full story/interview on Time Magazine

Rodney “DarkChild” Jerkins Joins AfterMaster Audio

Rodney Jerkins is the Grammy-winning name behind some of the biggest hits of the 21st century – having worked with many major artists like Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga and many others.

Image Source: GospelPundit.com

Last month it was announced that Darkchild would be joining the team at AfterMaster Audio – an audio technology company under the Studio One umbrella.


has joined the company as Co-Owner and senior member of the executive team.  With the addition of Jerkins to their executive roster, AfterMaster has truly created an industry dream team alongside Co-Owners and music industry’s elite–multi-platinum recording artist Justin Timberlake and world-class producers and sound veterans Larry Ryckman and Shelly Yakus.

But what exactly is AfterMaster?

Made for real-time mastering, re-mastering and audio processing, AfterMaster offers an unrivaled state of the art technology, which dramatically enhances the quality of any audio event and delivers an experience that eclipses studio-produced sound. AfterMaster audio technology offers a significant increase in loudness, clarity, depth and fullness, producing a caliber of audio never before available to consumers.

Sounds like an interesting piece of music technology. And with those names behind it, this should be an interesting product.

USC Thornton Unveils New Degree in Music Production

Source: USC.edu
Image Source: USC.edu

Remember the good (read: bad) old days of having to learn to produce music by yourself because your closest University didn’t offer anything but classical music training?

Those days began to end with music schools like Berklee.edu and Full Sail offering full-time diploma and degree programs in the art and science of audio.

And now the University of Southern California has unveiled their new degree program in music production as well.

Students will collaborate with artists, bands and songwriters at USC Thornton as well as creative types at four other schools

It reflects the current and evolving nature of professional music making in the digital age, where the job description of today’s contemporary musician often includes composing and arranging, live and studio performance, audio engineering/editing and mastering, music synthesis and programming, as well as most of the business responsibilities related to music.

The first program will commence this fall and the school says student should “expect an amazing experience.”

Read more about the program and find out if you’re eligible.


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