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Does Lil Wayne Have a Sex Tape??

Lil Wayne Sex Tape

Lil Wayne Sex TapeIt was bound to happen. Especially in today’s world of smartphones with 10+ megapixel cameras on them. And not to mention those lil-ass spy cameras you can get everywhere.

There are reports that someone out there is shopping around a sex tape starring none other than Mr. Carter, Weezy – Lil Wayne himself.

Arguably one of the biggest movers in the Hip-Hop business, Lil Wayne has almost become a household name (almost, because I’m sure there’s some grand parents out there who have no idea what a Weezy is…). And if the rumors of a sex tape are true, it could pull in a ton of cash for whoever has it.

But it could also spell some legal troubles for that very same person.

Here’s what TMZ (who broke the story) had to say:

We’re told the big porn companies have been contacted by a person in possession of the tape, which shows Wayne in nothing but his socks, and 2 more-than-accommodating women who do all the work.Wayne’s rep says if there is a tape, the rapper didn’t know he was being filmed. And the rep makes it clear they will pounce if a tape is released to the public, saying, “We’ll sue the hell out of them.”

No porn company would ever release a sex tape without the say-so of the stars. So don’t look out for a video anytime soon. Unless the person that has the tape just leaks it online…


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